“We use KPP products on everything in the barn, from our broodmares to FEI horses.”

“We use KPP products on everything in the barn, from our broodmares to FEI horses. The supplements have allowed us to give our horses additional support when they need it most, whether that’s during foaling season or leading up to a competition.”

Kate Gerhart

Kate has specific reasons for using other KPP supplements, too.

“We keep all of our training horses on Neigh-Lox because of the positive response we have seen in their behavior and health,” she said. “Joint Armor  is the first supplement we’ve used that has actually helped us maintain joint health without additional treatment and the horses love to eat it!”

Kate’s barn management tip for spring & summer:

“As the spring and summer show season kicks off, make sure to be a few steps ahead of your horse’s gastrointestinal response to stress. Trailering and showing can be very hard on a horse, even those who appear to take it all in stride. We maintain all our horses that travel with us on Neigh-Lox or Neigh-Lox Advanced  because it’s a very cost-effective way to get a jump on gastrointestinal health. Without Neigh-Lox  as a part of our program, we’d be forced into significantly more expensive remedies like Gastroguard or UlcerGard. Neigh-Lox helps us keep our problems at bay.”

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