We Asked Vets Why They Use and Recommend Neigh-Lox.

“Preventing ulcers is cheaper than treating ulcers. Our thoroughbreds race much better when on Neigh-Lox.”

– Ron Conley, DVM, RC Racing Stables

“It works.”

– Dr. William H. Wright, Unicorn Farm

“It beats treatment any day of the week. It takes the worry away from my clients that travel with their horses on weekends.”

– D.L. Biehl, DVM

“Horses under stress of training, competing, moving, etc., need it.”

– Dr. Sandra Hickey, Creature Comforts Vet Clinic

“It helps horses that seem to have GI upset following consumption of grain. Horses under stressful situations or disease states of the GI tract benefit from Neigh-Lox as well.”

– Ronald J Emond, DVM, Candlewood Equine, LLC

“It’s easy to administer, palatable, and effective. We use it on everything from show horses to lesson horses with great results.”

– Melanie Robinson, DVM, Equine Health Service

“It is a great follow-up control measure for gastric ulcer horses. We find the horses treated for gastric ulcer syndrome that respond to initial therapy have a very low recurrence of clinical disease if maintained on Neigh-Lox.”

– Steve Hardy, DVM, H Bar H Veterinary Clinic

“It is a great follow-up after GastroGard. It is economical and owners have been very encouraged by the long-term improvement they see in their horses.”

– Dr. Jeannine Bellamy, Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine Large Animal Clinic

“It works for sick, debilitated, post-op, and chronic colic cases where ulceration is suspected.”

– Dr. Chuck Maker, Alpine Animal Hospital

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