“Elevate…makes Migs feel better and work better!”

“I found out about Elevate from Kentucky Performance Products when circumstances changed and my horse would not have access to fresh pasture anymore.

“I knew that pasture is ideal and healthy for horses, for a variety of reasons, such as mental health and keeping an older horse moving around. I did some more digging to learn more, thanks to the extensive library of equine nutrition articles on the Kentucky Performance Products website. Of shocking revelation was the information about vitamin E, abundant in pasture and basically non-existent in hay by the time you feed it. (Levels of vitamin E in hay drop significantly within about seven days of cutting.)

“So I started to dig deeper to find out the true value of vitamin E. Was my horse already getting enough in his other feeds and supplements? Technically yes, his grain and supplements had some synthetic vitamin E added in the form of dl-alpha-tocopherol. Shocked to learn this is not so digestible and available to his cells, so what’s the point really? Enter Elevate, the Kentucky Performance Products NATURAL vitamin E supplement.

“I have heard rumblings about vitamin E and recent research, and how it acts as an antioxidant and aids in muscle recovery and stamina and neurologic functions. But what I really needed was a field trial! So, you may suspect that I’m not a scientist, and you would be right. But that didn’t stop me from carrying out a bit of an experiment. I decided to add Elevate to Miguel’s diet. Miguel is almost 20 years old, and does still work at the FEI dressage levels. He’s a big dude, and has a tendency to be super quiet and very well behaved.  Your granny could ride him in a parade backwards and be safe.

“In order for me to “test” Elevate on Miguel, I could not change anything else about his life. His feeding, exercise, and turnout routine were kept exactly the same. During week one of me adding the suggest serving of Elevate, Miguel was a cookie cutter of himself, every day the same. During week two, things began to heat up… Miguel got a bit spicy, he was “puffier” than normal, and I noticed he recovered his breath quicker after a workout session. He really began to bloom in his exercise, and he just developed a “spark” that is more commonly seen in much younger horses.

“And then the blonde in me sets in. I forgot to re-order the Elevate in time, so he went a week without. And what do you know… that recovery and spark started to fade! After starting Elevate up again, Miguel is back to his spicy self again. Feeling good!! Now – don’t get me wrong. Elevate won’t make a lazy horse hot or create a monster if your horse is already hot, it just makes Migs feel better and work better! I would still put your granny on him in a parade, just maybe this time sitting forward.”

– Liv Gude, Founder of Professional Equine Grooms

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