Proper nutrition is the key to growing strong, resilient hooves.

No hoof, no horse!

Healthy feet can make the difference between a sound horse and a lame one. A horse’s hoof takes about a year to completely replace itself, so when problems crop up it takes time to fix them. To ensure soundness and decrease your horse’s downtime, it is best to be proactive when it comes to hoof maintenance. Proper trimming and shoeing is a must, but if the hoof wall is brittle and dry it won’t have the resilience and flexibility it needs to function properly, nor will it hold nails and those expensive shoes won’t stay on for long.

You have to make sure the building blocks are available

Providing your horse with a continual supply of high-quality vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins ensures that your horse has the building blocks necessary to grow good feet. While many commercial feeds include these ingredients in their formulas, they may not be included at the levels necessary to impact hoof health.