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It’s why we do what we do

It is why you spend more on training fees and lessons then you do on your mortgage. It is why you spend hours patiently working through a problem with your horse. It is why you are in bed at 8 p.m. instead of out partying with your friends on Friday night before a horse show. It is why you trust Kentucky Performance Products to provide you with supplements that meet the challenges facing your top horses. Because the riders at KPP know what it takes to finish in the ribbons. It is why the horse that matters to you matters to us®.

Fight back against poor appetite, weight loss, and lack of energy to fuel performance with EndurExtra®.

EndurExtra was specifically developed for horses who need more than a diet of hay and grain can provide.

When addressing the challenges facing hard-to-keep horses, seniors, performance horses or horses under stress, supporting a healthy digestive tract is essential. Horses with a healthy gut will have the appetite needed to consume the feed offered to them and the ability to efficiently utilize that feed. The blend of fats contained in EndurExtra provide 2.25 times more energy than proteins and carbohydrates, allowing you to pack more calories into smaller meals.  Smaller meals pass through the digestive tract at a slower rate, which increases digestibility and reduces the risk of digestive upsets. To further support optimal digestibility and a hearty appetite, EndurExtra was formulated to contain direct-fed microbials that maintain proper GI tract balance.

Additionally, energy from the fat found in EndurExtra is metabolized differently than carbohydrates and proteins. Research trials demonstrate that horses utilizing fat for energy accumulate lower levels of lactic acid in their muscles, which increases stamina and reduces muscle fatigue. Energy from fat does not cause the glucose spikes that lead to excitability and metabolic disease. Horses fed fat remain focused while working, recover faster after work, and are less likely to develop muscle disorders.

Demanding workloads and other stressful situations can increase energy requirements. Horses in heavy exercise or those under stress often require additional antioxidant support. EndurExtra provides 1,000 IU of natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, in each eight-ounce serving. By reducing oxidative stress, adequate antioxidant levels support healthy muscles, nerves, and immune system.

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