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It’s why we do what we do

It is why you make a special trip to the grocery store for a bag of carrots and a package of peppermints. It is why you check to make sure the water bucket is clean and the stall is freshly bedded. It is why you spend extra time picking every tangle out of his mane and tail. It is why you don’t mind that your car is covered in horse hair and smells like a barn. Here at Kentucky Performance Products, it is why we choose only top-quality ingredients and purchase them from the same reputable supplier year after year. It is why the horse that matters to you matters to us®.

Fight back against systemic inflammation with Contribute™

Contribute was developed to provide an easy and affordable way for you to add omega-3 fatty acids into the diet of your horses. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids mitigate allergic reactions by supporting decreased inflammation.

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How does your horse make you feel?

Click here to share the feelings you have for your horse and upload a photo. If your feeling is chosen to be highlighted on the website, you will win the supplement of your choice and a prize bucket full of KPP stuff.