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It’s why we do what we do

It is why you beg your parents to take you to the barn every day after school so you can see your horse. It’s why you would rather go to a horse show than a birthday party. It is why when your aunt says, “Oh, it’s just a phase” you know she couldn’t be more wrong. Here at Kentucky Performance Products, it is why we work so hard to provide high-quality, targeted supplements that help your horse live a longer, happier life. It is why the horse that matters to you matters to us®.

Fight back against colic and digestive upset

Neigh-Lox® Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain your horse’s digestive tract in peak condition. Horses with a healthy GI tract are less likely to suffer from colic and digestive upsets. They utilize their feed more effectively so they absorb additional nutrients. They perform better and feel great every day.

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How does your horse make you feel?

Click here to share the feelings you have for your horse and upload a photo. If your feeling is chosen to be highlighted on the website, you will win the supplement of your choice and a prize bucket full of KPP stuff.