How Often Should I Have My Horse’s Teeth Examined?

Horses require regular dental care. Most horses should be examined once a year by a well qualified equine dentist or veterinarian. Of course, there are exceptions. Young and old horses might need to be examined more frequently, perhaps two or three times a year. Many changes are occurring in the dentition of younger horses, and a competent professional may be able to identify and correct any abnormalities before they become severe problems. Old horses, particularly those in their twenties and thirties, need checkups to be sure their teeth are both present and functional. Without vigilant care, old horses may not be able to chew properly due to mechanical problems or pain. In addition, it’s not unusual for old horses to lose teeth, sometimes a couple at a time. Because they are unable to chew properly, they may lose significant body condition, especially in winter. Once weight is lost, it is more difficult for older horses to bounce back.


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