Summer Games® Plus Electrolyte Paste Helps Retired Champion, Alphabet Soup Beat the Heat

Alphabet Soup, who defeated the great Cigar in the 1996 Breeders’ Cup Classic, has been enjoying his retirement at Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky, since October 2015. Recently the staff at Old Friends were concerned that Alphabet Soup was not getting enough electrolytes because he is such a picky eater. Summer Games® Plus was administered orally each day throughout the hot summer to ensure proper electrolyte levels were maintained.

“He was lethargic and was not as social as he usually is and he lost weight,” farm manager Carole Oates said of the stallion. “He is very picky about any type of supplements we add to his food or water. With the Summer Games paste we were able to monitor the amount he ingested. Kentucky Performance Products’ supplements are always high quality and the customer service department is very helpful.”

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