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Hey everyone. So as a lot of know, young horses can be hard to put and keep weight on, especially our beloved off-the-track Thoroughbreds. They all seem to go through a strange awkward gangly stage, usually at ages 2 and 3. No horse knows this better than my new boy, baby Manley. We got him in late November of last year as a two-year-old; he was broke at the track but never raced.

Needless to say, this past winter was hard on a growing 2-year-old. Unfortunately for Manley, he couldn’t go to Florida with me so he had to toughen out the awful winter in the Bluegrass. When I got home in late April he wasn’t letting go of his winter coat and I wanted to see more weight on him and a better overall condition.

I have always believed in EndurExtra and how well it works. I have used it many times on my guys who are hard keepers or horses coming off the track going through their let-down period.

I wanted to show you the difference KPP’s products have made. I can TELL you how well they do, but the proof is in the pictures. In May my sister and I took a picture of Manley before I started him on any type of supplement. Now at the end of June he has gone through only one bag of EndurExtra and he looks like a different horse.

I also put him on Contribute. I find Contribute really helps with their skin and coat. It helped clear up the skin issues he had. Plus he gets the added benefits from omega-3 and omega-6 for his overall health. I love Contribute— that stuff ROCKS and benefits all my horses!

Here are the before and after pictures. Tell me you can’t see a difference!


I’ve slowly started working with Manley. He is a very curious and kind boy and he has one of the most comfortable canters of any of the boys I’ve started.

I’m so grateful for KPP and their products. They keep all my horses from the young guys just starting, to Hoosier feeling their best.

Until next time, safe rides!


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