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Fall Season


Hey everyone! I have to say, fall might be my favorite season between the beautiful changing of leaves and the mild weather. But then I step back and think about it, and I’m sad because I realize fall also means the end of another show season, shorter days, the clipping of fuzzy ponies, and last but not least...winter is for sure coming. This time of year I usually pull Hoosier's shoes for a month or two to let his feet grow and put him outside to... Read More »

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Boot Camp


Hi everyone! Sorry it has been so long. I have had a busy but incredible past few weeks between the American Eventing Championships and then spending a week with Missy Ransehousen at her home to prepare for Plantation Fields Horse Trials, which was an amazing event. After Hoosier had so much time off due to his health issues, I wasn't sure if I was going to be pushing him too much by doing two tough events only two weeks apart. Hoosier quickly showed... Read More »

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Just Go Forward


Hey everyone! I know KPP kept you updated on my past weekend at the American Eventing Championships, but I thought I might give you a little of my own insight. First off I want to say...IT WAS AWESOME! I would be lying if I said I went into this show with tons of confidence and not worried at all. It was the first show without a trainer in over 6 years, and it was Hoosier's and my first show back since May because of all of his health issues. So not... Read More »

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Meet Megan’s “Aunt Becky”


Who am I? This could get complicated. A lot of people now know me as “Aunt Becky.” For some reason, a few years ago Megan decided “Aunt Becky” had a cool ring to it. This is really confusing for a lot of folks who get introduced to me as her sister, yet everyone is calling me Aunt Becky. That’s right, I’m Megan’s sister. For whatever reason, the ‘aunt’ stuck and most people now call me Aunt Becky. I guess now that I think about it, it... Read More »

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Show Time


Hey guys! I hope you all are taking advantage of this wonderful weather if you’re in the Bluegrass! If you didn't take advantage of riding or at least playing with your horses this past weekend, then you may want to question owning a horse ;) My weekend was exciting. I took one of my babies (picture above) to his first combined test and boy was it interesting. I feel like we totally won the dressage warm-up, but once he had to go in the ring we... Read More »

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Staying Motivated


Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying this cooler weather. I know my ponies are. After a long week of work at the hospital I thought it might be a good idea to discuss self-motivation this week. How many times have you come home from a long hard day of work and feel like you don’t have the energy to ride? Or you have multiple horses to ride in one day? You’ll have your own horses and/or horses for other people, and the last thing you want to do is... Read More »

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Rolling with the punches


Hey guys! I hope you all have enjoyed this Olympic-filled week. I know I sure have, and especially being that eventing was early on in the games. I bet some of you have been wondering why I haven’t been posting about any shows or upcoming shows? Especially since KPP was so kind to sponsor a new and up-and-coming rider that had big plans to move up to advance this year. Well the truth is, as every horse owner knows, that no matter what plans or goals... Read More »

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Does your horse have a song?

m01 (111)

Hey, I hope everybody is doing well and I also hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic. I was able to give the ponies the weekend off and spend time with family and friends at the lake. I thought this week would be a great time to get some reader participation and I’m hopeful that I get some interesting feedback from you all. One of the things that I love most about my horses is that they all have strikingly different personalities.... Read More »

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Hoosier finds his niche

kentucky-performance-products -hoosier-daddy3

Since there aren't any big events coming up I thought I would introduce you all to my current upper-level teammate and explain how he ended up being a part of my life. I am and have been a firm believer that every horse is good for something; they just have to find their niche. Let's just say that Hoosier's niche was not on the racetrack. My best friend in high school decided that she would like to try eventing, and while searching the Internet she... Read More »

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Who is Team Have At It?


Hi everyone. I am really excited to be given this new opportunity to write a blog for KPP. I bet you are wondering who I am? I have been around horses since I was born, starting out riding western and then, at 12 I found my passion, eventing. My first event horse was my stepfather’s old quarter horse that let us blow his mind by teaching him how to jump over barrels versus go around them. My next horse was Buddy, who took me to my first training... Read More »

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Welcome to KPP’s new blog by sponsored rider, Megan Lynn and Team Have At It.


Kentucky Performance Product's (KPP) newest sponsored rider, Megan Lynn, started riding at an early age and quickly discovered eventing was her passion. Megan has successfully trained all her own horses. Many of them have been off the track thoroughbreds. Currently Megan and OTTB Hoosier Daddy are successfully competing at intermediate with plans to move up to advanced later this year. Megan also has a couple of young prospects in training. Megan has... Read More »

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