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When Not to Ride


Hey guys! The other night as I was finishing my day at 8 p.m. on my last horse, and trying to think of another good blog idea as we were walking around. Sometimes when it’s late like this and I’m a little tired I do an easy ride, so I may only do long and low, or do a hack, but nothing too strenuous that may cause an intense ride. How many times have you come from a long bad day and feel like you need to ride your horse but really aren't in the... Read More »

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The Hoosier Daddy Roller Coaster


Hey guys. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Hoosier’s status, so I just wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve gotten new test results back suggesting that he actually does have equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM). Initially, a year ago, we thought EPM might be the case, but he got better after his new shoes and we discovered his lung infection. It was a bit surreal when the vet started asking me questions about things in... Read More »

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Dressage Is Not Bad….


Hey Everyone, I hear people in our sport complaining about "dressage" all the time, and that they can’t wait to get it done to get on to the fun stuff...aka cross country! But what people forget to take into account is you can’t become better at jumping until you really work hard at dressage. Now some people may have such a grudge against dressage that it turns them off just hearing the word, so try calling it "training". When we are in... Read More »

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Coach Megan

Sydney-blog (2)

It’s back to school for a lot of kids in Kentucky this week.  Today we hear from a second young blogger, the newest member of Team Have At It.  She gives us the inside scoop on what it is like to have Megan as a coach ;) Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Blackburn, and I guess you could say that I’m the newest member of Team Have At It! Have you ever felt like the only person around you that doesn’t get it or think your crazy for not being like... Read More »

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A Tribute to Christine


Hey everyone. I know it’s been a while since I posted my last blog but last month I lost someone very dear to me and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to write a tribute to her since. In every sport we all have idols, whether they are the top professionals or the local person down the road who inspired us from a young age. Some of these people seem like super heroes to us and we think, "When I grow up I want to be just like them." Now,... Read More »

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Take Your Time


Hey everyone. While I’m still sitting and waiting on Hoosier’s future I still have Zeke in work. I took Zeke to MayDaze Horse Trials and did novice. He quickly went on my naughty list. At the ditch, after being great until that point, he dumped me and took off like a man. He came up to the ditch and wanted no part of it. He caught me off guard so I tried to jump it for the both of us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t count when I jump it by myself. So... Read More »

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Waiting Game


Hey everyone. Hope you’re enjoying the nice weather while it lasts and before it gets blistering hot and dry. I thought I would just give you a quick update on Hoosier and his progress. When I took Hoosier in for his tie-back surgery last week I have to say I was quite excited to FINALLY have it done. For precautionary measures we scoped him to make sure his lung infection from last fall had not come back and make sure everything looked good before they... Read More »

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Poplar and Fair Hill Recap

megan-fair-hill (4)

Hey everyone! So much has happened over the past couple months. They have been busy and exciting with a few ups and downs. Hoosier and I went to our first CIC** at Poplar Place Farm at the end of March. I was very excited and felt more than prepared. That being said, that weekend had its ups and downs. The first down was dressage. Hoosier was fantastic in the warm-up, but when we got in the ring he sucked up and would not go forward. We did not put in... Read More »

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The Life of a Working Student


Hey everyone! I'm sorry my blogs seem to be few and far between. I stay pretty busy living the life of a working student for Missy Ransehousen. To sum it up, I got up at 6 a.m. every day, fed my young horse, cleaned his stall, helped bring up, feed, and water the other 6 horses where Zeke and I were staying and then headed to Missy's at 7:30. When I got there we fed, brought some up, turned some out, and cleaned stalls. Then it's other chores that vary... Read More »

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Team Have At It – Ocala Horse Trials Winter II Update

megan-lynn-fl (2)

Hey everyone! What a great weekend I had. It was the first time I have done all three phases in one day, and was quite worried about how Hoosier was going to handle it at Intermediate. Needless to say he was a rock star! Our dressage wasn't by any means close to our best. He was quite tense and on his toes, which made him a bit fussy. We had been changing bits all week for jumping so it would be easier for me to keep him up, and I feel like that may... Read More »

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Greetings from Sunny Florida

megan-lynn-fl-blog (2)

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well and staying warm! I say this from sunny Florida, where even though it was 32 degrees this morning it should warm up to 70, so I can’t complain too much. I’m not really sure where to start this blog because I have had so much happen in the past few weeks and have had a blast every second of it. The trailer ride down went smoothly but it was a LONG haul. Poor baby Zeke was over it by the time we made it to... Read More »

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Looking Back and Moving Forward


Hey everyone! I bet you all are getting excited about Christmas and the end of another year and the beginning of a new one. This time of year most people are getting excited about seeing family members they don’t see often, stuffing their faces with delicious food, and last but not least sitting around the Christmas tree opening gifts. I look forward to all that fun stuff too, but this is also my time of year that I get to start planning a show and... Read More »

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How I Stay Fit


Hey everyone! I hope you all are getting ready for Christmas! And as well all know one of the best parts of the holidays is food, food, and more food. So my question to you is: How are you staying fit this winter? As an eventer, I am an athlete and it is very important for me to stay fit during the off-season. During the show season the importance of being fit is even more critical. One of the hardest things for me is to watch a horse out on... Read More »

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Thankful For My Boys

megan-lynn-kentucky-performance-products (2)

Hey everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and still fit in your riding pants! I know mine are a little snug. I have had so much happen since the last weekend in October where Zeke made his debut. After that show I wasn't ready to end my season quite yet, especially since Zeke gave me a little taste of what I feel like is going to be a great team between him and me, so I signed him up for his first recognized show at River Glen. This also... Read More »

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Zeke’s Debut


Hey everyone! I have to jump right in and say Zeke went above and beyond all of my expectations this past weekend. Not only did he stay in the arena, he performed a pretty nice dressage test. He did have to read all the letters for himself at the beginning. In stadium he went around in a nice, controlled manner like he had been doing novice all season long. He never offered to buck, bolt, prance, or even stop. The first few fences I felt him get... Read More »

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