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The feeling you get after a perfect ride

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It’s why we do what we do It is why you spend hours working on transitions to balance and strengthen your horse. It is why you go hacking to keep your horse’s mind fresh. It is why you have your trainer drill you on proper position every time you have a lesson, and it is why you pay close attention to your horse’s diet to be sure he gets all the key nutrients needed to keep feeling his best. Here at Kentucky Performance Products, it is why we work... Read More »

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Tips for feeding round bales to horses

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There is often a stigma attached to feeding round bales to horses, but managed well they can be a safe and economical option. When baled and stored properly, round bales are no more prone to growing bacteria or mold than square bales. If you decide to feed round bales to your horses, be sure to purchase them from a reputable dealer who has cut and stored the hay properly. Click here to download a print version of this infographic. Text... Read More »

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Why should I include a digestive supplement in my horse’s feeding program?

Supplements can support optimal digestive tract health by:
• Maintaining a good appetite
• Supporting more efficient digestibility of hay and grain
• Sustaining a strong immune system
• Reducing the risk of colic, diarrhea or laminitis Continue reading

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Energy Crisis


As pastures fade from green to brown, horse owners all over will soon be feeding hay to meet their horses’ energy requirements. A diet composed primarily of forage and the recommended amount of a well-fortified concentrate is all most horses need to maintain their weight. But many horses—like old horses or hard keepers—need more than the basics to stay plump and healthy through winter. To prevent an energy crisis in these calorie-needy horses,... Read More »

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Time for your horse to put on its winter coat

Kentucky Performance Products wint coat

Does your horse resemble a fluffy stuffed animal this time of year? That fluffy winter coat serves a very important purpose: keeping your horse warm. Thermoregulation is the process of controlling body temperature, and hair plays an important role. Each hair follicle has a small muscle controlled by the nervous system. Through a process called piloerection the nervous system pulls or puffs the hair up to increase airspace within the coat, thereby creating... Read More »

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The feeling you get when it’s just you and your horse

Kentucky Performance Products - The feeling you get when it is just you and your horse - neigh-lox advanced

It's why we do what we do It is why we get up at 6 a.m. on a freezing morning to feed. It is why we stay up all night checking on a sick horse. It is why we spend every last dime on a saddle that fits our horse perfectly, and it is why the refrigerator might be a little empty but the feed room is always full. Here at Kentucky Performance Products, it is why we work so hard to provide high-quality, targeted supplements that help your horse live a longer,... Read More »

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Winter hoof care reminders

winter horse care (Large)

Hints of winter are starting to appear and it won’t be long before the first hard freeze occurs. During the show season you are careful to maintain a solid hoof care regimen, but did you know it is just as important to maintain hooves during the winter months?     We’ve put together 8 winter hoof care reminders to help. Continue to pick hooves out daily to check for any problems. Schedule regular farrier visits. During... Read More »

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Researchers Confirm Vitamin E Lower in Horses Without Access to Pasture


Horses are managed in varying conditions throughout the world. A vast number of them do not have access to growing pasture year-round due to geographic region, season, training schedules, or specific management routines. Because of their limited intake of fresh forages, these horses do not consume sufficient vitamin E for optimal health. Insufficient vitamin E in the diet can lead to muscle problems and impaired immune function. Canadian researchers... Read More »

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What is the ideal body condition score for your horse?

Weight-gain infographic v3

As the winter season approaches, it is time to evaluate your horse’s body condition score.  It is important to make sure your horse begins winter in the best condition possible.  If your horse has special needs it may be necessary to alter your feeding program during the winter months. In general, a score of 5 is considered good, but there are some cases where a leaner or fatter condition may be desirable. Studies have shown that broodmares with a... Read More »

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Selenium: An Essential Mineral


Selenium is an essential trace mineral. It is necessary to maintain good health but is needed only in small amounts. Selenium naturally occurs in the soil and is absorbed by both the forages and grains we feed to our horses. Since the selenium content of soils varies around the world, feeds grown in different areas will contain different selenium levels. In the U.S., for example, the northwest, southeast and Great Lakes areas are known to be... Read More »

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Can treats make your horse fat?

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How many calories are treats adding to your horse's diet? Probably not many, if you feed them in moderation.           Calorie counts: An average peppermint candy contains 100 calories (5 grams of sugar). A medium apple contains 65 calories (13 grams of sugar). A medium carrot has 53 calories (6 grams of sugar). A medium banana has 105 calories (14 grams of sugar). How many calories does a horse need in a... Read More »

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Elevate Event Team Rider Q&A with Emma Hilt


Emma Hilt is from Lexington, Kentucky. She is the youngest and newest rider to join the Elevate Event Team. Emma and her sweet Thoroughbred gelding, Johnny, are perfectly suited to each other, as both are bold and brave. Originally purchased as her mom’s dressage prospect, it soon became clear that with Emma in the irons, Johnny was on his way to becoming an event horse instead. Kentucky Performance Products: What age did you start riding and how... Read More »

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Get Your Barn Ready for Winter with Equine Guelph’s New Barn Fire Prevention Tool

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Article re-posted with kind permission by Equine Guelph: Guelph, ON, Sept. 27, 2016 - Equine Guelph has launched the new Barn Fire Prevention online tool as a resource for horse owners.  Responding to the high incidence of barn fires in Ontario last winter, Equine Guelph has developed a tool that is easy to use and provides horse owners with interactive assessments for their individual facilities. "If you have a... Read More »

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Elevate Event Team makes a good showing at the Park Equine Kentucky Classique and Area VIII Championships

Elevate Event Team KY Classique

The Elevate Event Team arrived en mass to compete at Park Equine Kentucky Classique and Area VIII Championships. Megan was riding 4 horses, and coaching 3 riders. Times were plotted out, a coaching schedule distributed, grooms were told who needed to be where and when. The trailer area was set up in an organized manner, with all the tack each horse required set out and ready to go. We needed all hands on deck and with riding times close, it was imperative... Read More »

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Horse Pasture Management Tips

16-205 Horse Pasture Management Tips (1)

Healthy pastures require year-round maintenance. Fall is an important time to evaluate your horse pastures. Depending on your situation, you may need to rest overgrazed pastures, control weeds, spread manure, test soil, reseed, or fertilize. Healthy spring pastures depend on the upkeep they receive during the fall.  Click here to download a print version of this infographic. Text alternative for horse pasture management tips Horses that have... Read More »

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