Love Story – The Making of a Champion

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The horse that matters to you matters to the people at Kentucky Performance Products, because we feel the same way about our own horses.

This collection of love stories is not based on any one person’s experiences; they are our stories and your stories. They are the stories we share because we are fortunate enough to have our lives and hearts filled with horses.

They had been together for years, since he was just a colt. When he got stubborn she would gently coax him on. When he got scared she would reassure him and stroke him gently on the neck. She spent hours building his confidence, his strength, his balance, teaching him to dance. Pirouette, passage, piaffe, the final salute.  The crowd jumped to its feet and cheered. It was the moment they had spent a lifetime training for, but all she could think about was how special he was and how she loved him.

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  1. Gina Smith
    2 years ago

    Loved it .


  2. Zoe Dumas
    2 years ago

    Such a great story!


  3. Ama
    1 year ago

    How sweet


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