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Maryline Rivet couldn’t be happier with the amazing transformation in her 13 year old Appendix gelding.

Brooks Testimonial (Large)

“Vic came as a rescue to us. He was thin and unhealthy looking with a big belly. On Tania Laframboise’s advice we started him on All Phase 20 and Fibre Omega Plus and added a probiotic. That was eight months ago. We added some Equi-Jewel once he was eating well and the change is amazing. I’m really pleased with Brooks Feeds and Tania’s service.” Brooks Performance Horse Feeds is Kentucky Performance Products' Canadian... Read More »

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I can’t thank your company enough for making such a wonderful product.


I am so thankful I saw your ad on the back of one of my horse magazines. It was sheer luck that I turned the magazine over when I laid it down. I read the ad and thought “Sure, another remedy for colic. Wonder how good it works.” So I did research on the computer and liked what I read. So the research convinced me enough to try. I had my doubts, though. Melody has colicked for me about 10 times in the last 9 years. There is no rhyme or reason—just... Read More »

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Sponsored Rider Chrissa Hoffmann makes news!


We are so proud to be part of the team! Click here to read... Read More »

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Kentucky Performance Products, LLC Supports the Ithaca College Equestrian Team

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Becky Young 1-800-772-1988 859-873-2974 VERSAILLES, Ky. (Sept. 24, 2014) – Kentucky Performance Products, LLC (KPP), a leading equine supplement company, is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Ithaca College Equestrian Team (ICET). KPP supports various equestrian youth organizations and was very willing to help when approached by the members of ICET. Kentucky Performance Products... Read More »

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Kentucky Performance Products is excited to support the Ithaca College Equestrian Team

Ithaca (1)

Nestled in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Ithaca College offers a wide variety of varsity sports, clubs, and activities to its 6,000 undergraduate students. Among those club sports is the Ithaca College Equestrian Team. With a roster of over 30 riders, ranging from beginner walk-trot to former Grand Prix competitors, ICET offers riders of all backgrounds the opportunity to train, learn, and compete in a tight-knit team atmosphere. In the 2013-2014... Read More »

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“Definitely recommend; and will always be a buyer for the products!”


“I absolutely love Neigh-Lox, a KPP product. My horse has been on it for a couple of years. I started him on Neigh-Lox, and later switched to Neigh-Lox Advanced and have seen incredible results. He is a TB off the track and prone to ulcers, and has since stopped being cranky during grooming and tacking. I have noticed he doesn't waste as much grain and has a happy tummy :) Definitely recommend; and will always be a buyer for the... Read More »

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“Kentucky Performance Products has a full line of targeted supplements, which allows us to choose the product that best fits the needs of each horse.”

Kathy Smallwood

American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Specialized Halter Judge, Professional Horsewoman and World Champion Kathy Smallwood makes her home in the heart of "Horse Country USA" near Pilot Point, Texas. She has judged the American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) World Show and the AQHA Select World Show, and is also a World Conformation Horse Association (WCHA) Judge. She currently serves as an AQHA Foundation Ambassador and is a member of the... Read More »

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Eventing Nation reviews Elevate® Maintenance Powder


"I thought that starting Mark on Elevate Maintenance Powder would definitely be a good thing – because I know that he was definitely missing out on Vitamin E with the way that his feeding program is set up. The Elevate container has a lid that twists off easily, and a scoop is included for easy measuring. The supplement comes in a white colored powder format, which makes it easy to see when added to grain and swooshed around – I like the light... Read More »

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“I almost immediately noticed a difference with his gaits and how he moved in general.”


“My horse Nitro has EPSM, he is a cribber, and has pulled many of the muscles in one of his hind legs before I bought him. As a result, I have had Nitro on a vitamin E and selenium supplement and joint supplement since the day I bought him. I have had Nitro on other very well-known supplements, but decided to change his joint supplement to Joint Armor last fall. Since I like the idea of having the same company for as many supplements as possible, I... Read More »

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Eventing Nation reviews Joint Armor

Joint Armor

“Within the first two weeks of starting on Joint Armor, I could start to tell a difference in Ripley’s demeanor; he started to have his ears pricked, and look excited when I would come out for AM feedings–rather than have them back or to the sides, along with his grumpy face. I could also tell the difference when he would step out of his stall for daytime turnout–his stall is part of a shed-row barn, so he has a beam to step over on his way out.... Read More »

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“He started getting a bit of muscle tone and never got nervous or “high” from the EndurExtra.”

Sunny T3D 2009 105

“I started Kip on EndurExtra to see if I could find something to help him keep a little bit of "show fat" on him while he continued to grow, without overfeeding the grain portion of his rations. While Kip was not a picky eater per se, he would turn his nose up at some additions we made to his feed. Kip cleaned up the EndurExtra first try and began to lose that leggy-rangy look some big TB youngsters can get. He started getting a bit of muscle tone and... Read More »

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Kentucky Performance Products Congratulates Riders Heading to Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Final!


The Longines FEI World Cup Jumping Final will be held in Lyon, France, April 17-21, 2014. Twelve American riders in all will be representing the USEF. KPP sponsored rider Jenni Martin-McAllister, from Sun Valley, California, represents the North America West Coast League. She is competing on Granville Equine's Holsteiner gelding Casseur de Prix. (Left Photo:  Jenni and Casseur de Prix winning the $30,000 LA International Grand Prix. Photo by Lisa... Read More »

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EndurExtra ends 5 years of consistent struggle


"I've had poor horses before. I knew what to do. Annie was put on vitamins, wormed, and received 4 meals of a good pelleted feed a day. It took forever to see any improvement in her weight; and with the weight improvement came the nervousness. All I had to do was get in her space, and she’d shiver so bad, I thought she would fall to her knees; and don’t dare raise your voice or a hand. Try to win her over via offering her treats by hand; she’ll... Read More »

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Congratulations to KPP Sponsored Dressage rider Chrissa Hoffmann!


Chrissa and her wonderful young horse Scrabble won the USEF developing horse test in Wellington two weeks ago with a 67.9%! We are so proud to be part of her... Read More »

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Congratulations to Kevin Young, 2014 EQUUS Professional Horseman Award Winner

farrier 001

The EQUUS Professional Horseman Award was developed to recognize veterinarians, trainers, farriers and other professionals who go the extra mile for their clients. This year KPP was a proud sponsor, providing a KPP High Performance Pack filled with Neigh-Lox® Advanced, Joint Armor™, Elevate® Maintenance Powder, and Summer Games® Electrolyte. This year’s winner, farrier Kevin Young, was nominated by client Lori Tankel of Florida. Entrants... Read More »

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