Joint Armor is cost-effective. More importantly, it works.


“Hereʼs the bottom line about horses (well, one of the bottom lines anyway!). Horses need a lot of stuff and sometimes that stuff can be expensive!! Itʼs also not awesome to purchase supplements that duplicate ingredients. So, if you need a joint supplement, how about finding one thatʼs affordable and is just a joint supplement? Kentucky Performance Products took this theory and applied it!

“Why is this a big deal? For several reasons, the first of which is cost-effectiveness. And dosing effectiveness. And targeted effectiveness. And, you can be a bit greener for the environment! No wasted packaging, tiny tiny container with a teeny scoop. Makes me feel better about packaging and not wasting unnecessary supplement additives.

“Hereʼs the even bigger bonus — itʼs tasty (I have not tasted it personally, but Mr. Picky Pants scarfs it down), itʼs tiny (the container, that is), and it lasts for a long time. More importantly, it works. Joint Armor provided relief and support of Cometʼs joints as we re-entered the world of being ridden.”

– Liv Gude, Founder of Professional Equine Grooms

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