When to use Neigh-Lox

A wise veterinarian once said, “The prevention of ulcers is cheaper than treating ulcers.”

Gastric ulceration is a widespread problem in horses. Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) poses a threat to your horse’s health and performance. Proper diet, supplementation and management can reduce the incidence of ulcers.

Horses maintained under certain management conditions are at an increased risk for developing EGUS. Horses that are unable to graze continually due to busy training and competition schedules, those on restricted diets or those consuming high starch diets, and horses that are confined for any reason also risk developing EGUS. In these cases, supplementation with Neigh-Lox helps support a normal stomach environment, reducing the risk of ulcers developing.

Research shows that even seemingly minor changes in a horse’s routine, such as relocation from one pasture to another or a weekend outing, can set a horse up for pH changes in the stomach and the ulceration it leads to. Supplementing with Neigh-Lox during times of change or stress maintains the health of the stomach so that ulcers don’t become a problem.

Horses showing symptoms such as frequent colic, chronic diarrhea, decreased appetite, and weight loss may be suffering from severe ulcers and should be assessed by a veterinarian so that proper treatment can be recommended.

Neigh-Lox is recommended for:

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