Specifically designed to support a healthy stomach.

Neigh-Lox’s research-proven, patented formula supports a healthy stomach by neutralizing excess gastric acid and coating the stomach’s sensitive lining . The combination of buffering and coating ingredients maintains a normal stomach environment that helps prevent ulcers from forming. It also supports the healing of minor ulceration.

Neigh-Lox is long-acting and has the capacity to buffer for extended periods of time (minimum 6-8 hrs), while other antacids buffer for much shorter periods.

Neigh-Lox buffers large amounts of acid. The recommended amount of Neigh-Lox (4 oz) has 240 mEq of acid-neutralizing capacity, which is equivalent to the amount of gastric acid a horse will typically produce over a six-hour period.

Neigh-Lox’s pelleted form makes it easy to administer, either along with a meal or on its own.

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