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Gastric Ulcer Treatment: A Two-Step Approach

Lowers the Incidence of Gastric Ulcers in Recreational Horses

Research Proven Neigh-Lox ® is Suitable for All Horses, No Matter Their Age or Use

Gastric Ulcers—Do You Need To Worry?

Havoc in the Hindgut

Managing Your Horse’s Bugs

Laminitis: What’s Grain Overload Got to Do with It?

The trouble with fructans

Clarifying Carbohydrates Part I

Clarifying Carbohydrates Part II

Clarifying Carbohydrates Part III

What is the difference between Neigh-Lox original and Neigh-Lox Advanced?

Feeding to Ensure Digestive Tract Health

Choosing supplements for senior horses that have trouble maintaining weight

Dealing with arthritis in senior horses

Choosing supplements for senior horses that have trouble maintaining weight

Supplement tips that help keep horses healthy while traveling

Feeding starch/sugar sensitive horses

Feeding strategies to prevent laminitis in easy keepers

Increasing your horse’s appetite

Colonic ulcers in horses

Don’t let the changing seasons catch your horse off guard.

Prebiotics vs Probiotics: Understanding the difference

Nutrition for Lay-Up/Convalescing Horses

Don’t Let Poor Digestive Tract Health Sideline Your Horse

Havoc in the Hindgut?

Strategies to reduce colic in horses

Nutrition’s Role in Horse Healing and Recovery

Prebiotics can reduce inflammation in older horses

Horse gut sounds and what they mean

Managing the easy keeper

Changes in Gut Microflora Could Provide Early Warning of EMS

Ulcers and digestive tract imbalances in the off-the-track Thoroughbred

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