Frequently asked questions about Ker-A-Form™

I thought biotin helped a horse’s feet grow. Why does Ker-A-Form contain zinc?

Zinc is a trace mineral vital to protein metabolism. Because hooves are predominantly composed of protein, zinc is integral to hoof strength. Research has shown that horses consuming a diet deficient in zinc and copper were more likely to be diagnosed with white line disease, a painful and debilitating hoof ailment, than horses that were supplemented with higher levels of these minerals (Hihami, 1999). A study performed by Coenen and Spitzlei (1997) demonstrated that supplementation with 300-500 mg of zinc per day led to increased zinc concentration in the hoof. Zinc is also critical to proper immune function. Some researchers believe that the form of zinc offered is important when trying to improve hoof condition. Organic minerals are more highly digestible than inorganic minerals. Highly digestible zinc proteinate is the form of organic zinc found in Ker-A-Form.

Why is methionine important to hoof health?

Methionine is an amino acid necessary for proper hoof growth. Hoof-building processes depend largely on methionine to bind keratin fibers in the hoof. The bonds that occur during growth give the hoof wall strength and resiliency.

You don’t usually see iodine in hoof supplement. Why is it in Ker-A-Form?

Good question. You are correct that iodine is not frequently included in hoof-building supplements, but Ker-A-Form is much more than a hoof supplement. It is a coat conditioner too. Ker-A-Form contains iodine because of its known effects on coat condition. Iodine controls the production of thyroid hormones, which are necessary for optimal health. Iodine deficiency can cause a dry, lusterless coat and patchy or diffuse hair loss (Fadok and Wild, 1983).

Wow. I started using Ker-A-Form a couple weeks ago and I can’t believe how great my horse’s coat looks. What caused that?

Ker-A-Form is a great coat conditioner because it contains full-fat soybeans. These soybeans are a source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The addition of fat to the diet adds pliability to the skin and bloom to the coat. Few other hoof supplements offer these benefits and those that do are usually more expensive than Ker-A-Form.

Why is biotin important?

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that is essential for the maintenance of connective tissue found in skin, hooves, and hair. Research has found that 20 mg of biotin per day significantly improves hoof health and coat condition. In controlled studies, there were no differences in rate or quality of hoof growth when more than 20 mg of biotin was offered daily. One ounce of Ker-A-Form contains 20 mg of biotin.

Do fats help only the coat and skin?

No, they also affect the hoof. Ker-A-Form contains full-fat soybean meal and lecithin. Both of these ingredients are abundant in fatty acids, which help maintain elastic skin and smooth, glossy coats. In addition, fatty acids contribute to hoof health by creating a barrier that repels excessive moisture.

My horse looks good at the beginning of show season but later his coat gets dull and dry. I think it is because we have to bathe him so much. Can Ker-A-Form help?

Yes. Ker-A-Form is a great supplement for show horses. The omega fatty acids it provides help prevent the skin from getting dry and flakey from too much washing. Constant wetting and drying cycles can also affect hoof quality; the fat in Ker-A-Form contributes to the development of a healthy moisture barrier in the hoof so they don’t dry out as readily.

I am looking for a hoof and coat supplement that contains high-quality proteins. Does Ker-A-Form?

Yes. One of the main ingredients in Ker-A-Form is full-fat soybeans, which are abundant in amino acids. Full-fat soybeans contain the highest quality protein and the greatest amount of lysine of any plant-source protein supplement. In addition to lysine, Ker-A-Form supplies horses with methionine, yet another essential amino acid, as well as a host of other essential amino acids necessary for optimal hoof and hair growth.

How quickly does Ker-A-Form begin to work?

In combination with a well-balanced diet, healthy hoof growth will be apparent approximately 8 to 12 weeks following the start of Ker-A-Form supplementation. It takes about a year for a horse to grow out a totally new hoof.

How will Ker-A-Form help my horse?

Ker-A-Form supplies horses with the nutrients necessary to produce soft, slick coats, thereby decreasing grooming time. Ker-A-Form also toughens hooves, eliminating the appearance of toe cracks, quarter cracks, and other hoof abnormalities that stem from weak hoof walls. Horses that have been supplemented with Ker-A-Form hold shoes longer because farriers nail them to less brittle hooves, which means less lameness and more riding time.

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