Equi-Jewel contains all-natural ingredients:

Heat-stabilized rice bran

Calcium carbonate (limestone)

Stabilized to ensure maximum freshness.

Rice bran that is heat-stabilized is safer to feed than raw bran. Equi-Jewel undergoes a unique heat stabilization process that ensures its freshness. Unlike some other rice bran products, Kentucky Performance Products does not use chemicals during stabilization. Instead, the rice bran is subjected to intense heat and pressure that inactivates fat-destroying enzymes. Stabilization eliminates the possibility of rancidity and does not alter the nutritional content of the rice bran.

Heat-stabilized rice bran adds calories to a ration without excessive grain intake, decreasing the risk of grain overload.

Concentrates (grains, sweet feeds, and pelleted feeds) are fed to horses to deliver appropriate levels of energy and micronutrients. Large volumes of concentrates must be fed to some horses to meet their energy requirements. There are, however, downsides to feeding large amounts of concentrates, including predisposing horses to life-threatening illnesses like colic and founder. To offset these potential risks, horsemen often use energy-dense supplements such as stabilized rice bran to decrease the amount of concentrate fed while simultaneously boosting calorie consumption.

Fat supplies a highly palatable and digestible form of energy for an assortment of horses.

Fat is an extraordinary source of dietary energy. In fact, fat contains more than two times the energy that carbohydrates and proteins do, thereby fueling horses more efficiently. Fat is considered a “cool” feedstuff because it does not cause horses to become excitable, as is often the case with horses that consume large amounts of starch-rich concentrates.

Rice bran has become a favorite fat supplement among owners and trainers of performance horses. Research has proven that fat is a superior energy source when compared to high-starch grains and commercial concentrates. Scientific studies have shown that, during strenuous exercise, horses fed fat had lower lactic acid levels than horses fed high-starch feeds. Because lactic acid causes muscle fatigue, horses fed fat had improved stamina. When rice bran (Equi-Jewel) was substituted for corn oil in rations, horses had lower heart rates, more stamina, and subsequent shorter recovery periods

In broodmares, studies have shown that mares in good condition and positive energy balance (those who are not skinny or losing weight) have better conception rates. Adding rice bran to the diet allows breeders to keep mares in better condition without the risk of grain overload. Rice bran has been shown to improve fertility rates in both mares and stallions.

Growing horses raised on high-fat, high-fiber, low-starch diets exhibit a lower incidence of developmental orthopedic disease.

A balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio protects against mineral imbalances.

In its natural state, rice bran is richer in phosphorus than in calcium. Excessive phosphorus in the diet inhibits calcium absorption, which may compromise skeletal integrity or induce developmental orthopedic disease. To increase the calcium content, ground limestone is added to the rice bran in Equi-Jewel. Because Equi-Jewel is balanced, you can add it to any ration without worrying about causing an unhealthy mineral imbalance.

Rice bran provides fatty acids essential for healthy skin and hair.

To achieve superior coat condition, heat-stabilized rice bran can be supplemented to horses of all ages. It is a highly digestible and palatable source of unsaturated fat for horses. Fats are composed of glycerol and essential fatty acids, elements linked to elastic skin and glossy hair coats.

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