Each 60cc syringe provides:

Sodium (min.) 6,600 mg

Chloride (min.) 14,000 mg

Potassium (min.) 4,300 mg

Calcium (min.) 900 mg

Magnesium (min.) 180 mg

What makes Endura-Max Plus Paste unique?

Endura-Mas Plus Paste was formulate to address the special needs of the endurance horse. Its unique formula contains the normal electrolytes lost in sweat, as well as added calcium and magnesium that are often depleted during long rides. Endura-Max also contains buffers and coating agents that support normal gastric pH levels and help maintain a comfortable stomach.

During long rides, calcium and magnesium may be lost in amounts high enough to result in metabolic disorders such as thumps and tying-up. Calcium and magnesium are added to Endura-Max Plus Paste in highly available forms, so they are quickly absorbed and made available for your horse to use when he needs them most.

Many electrolytes contain as much as 85% dextrose (sugar). The concentration of electrolytes in Endura-Max Plus Paste is uniquely high and it contains a minimal amount of sugar.


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